Positive psychology – easy as one, two, three!

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What is positive psychology?

Positive psychology is the branch of psychology that uses scientific research to understand how we function and what makes us tick.

I was recently introduced to to a simple yet extremely effective process for boosting happiness at work and home – let me share it with you!

Stop moaning and whining – a familiar scenario:

It’s the end of a normal working day and when the family start arriving home everyone begins making comparisons about who’s the tiredest, who’s worked the hardest, who was in the worst traffic jam etc etc. Well there is a cure to this and it comes, not in the form of a tablet but in 3 words:

“Three good things”

It’s so easy to do, instead of moaning and groaning and trying to win the poor me/you battle, sit down with your family, friends or work colleagues and take it in turn to say three good things about the day. Not: “didn’t get run over” or “the dog didn’t chew my shoes today” but more like: “I am really pleased to be home”, “I saw a fab sunset tonight”, “I did really great work today” – how much better does that feel?!

Fix a time everyday to think of three good things

Setting a regular time seems to be a great way of doing this. In my family we try for the evening, around 7pm. If it also means that we’re sitting down for dinner then so much the better. Remember to listen and give time to everyone’s individual “three good things” – as theirs will make you feel great too.

A great way to get to know strangers

After doing a 7 hour walk in Yosemite National Park, California, earlier this year with a group of people I had never met before, we all ended our walk very tired. Then the moaning began: “My knees are really sore”, “I didn’t think I was going to make it”. At this point I interrupt the conversation with “three good things!” and the group looked at me strangely!

“Ok, let’s take it in turn to say 3 good things about the walk” I say to the group. I start the process by sharing mine: “ I had a fab time getting to know new people”, “I feel really proud that we all made it”, “the scenery was amazing”. Then onto the next person. Wow, what a difference. Within 10 mins everyone had positive comments on the day; Sore knees, tired legs all forgotten and replaced with us all hearing how great the day was for everyone in many different ways.

I will leave you with my “three good things” for today:

  1. I work for a great company that have inspired me by introducing me to the “three good things” process.
  2. My family now thinks of 3 positive comments every evening.
  3. Even the little things in life that don’t seem to matter at the time are great!

Give it a go and enhance your experiences of love, work, and play. Or click here to find out more about the latest groundbreaking research in neuroscience and positive psychology.

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