How to become a rock star – the right mindset!

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The right mindset – there is no such thing as ‘can’t’

Having dismally failed to become a rock star in my teenage years, I thought, aged 40 I’d try again. I was more sanguine about my ambitions this time. I was going to enjoy the journey, rather than have a fixed mindset about the destination.

My first good move was to find some people to play with – this meant I’d have to practice to learn new songs. Very soon I realised that I would need some lessons to speed the process along.

Lessons were a painful process because I had to un-learn a lot of dreadful habits I’d picked up. This meant regressing to a beginner level and having my abilities thoroughly criticised. I had to be willing to practice in a structured way in order to develop the correct techniques to allow me to progress further. This requires what Stanford Psychologist, Dr. Carol Dweck, calls a “growth mindset”.

After several months of lessons and practice, I could really see progress. I could now see how my technique was enabling me to play far more complex songs, which spurred me on even more.

The need for motivation struck a chord

Playing in the band was critical. It motivated me to continually improve. I would have had little motivation to practice and improve without the sheer joy of playing with other people.

Dorsal-FinOur band, Dorsal Fin, has now been together for 12 years and, as I continue to make small but steady improvements every week through “purposeful practice”, the band mirrors my personal journey. We love what we do and, even after 12 years, we strive after excellence and want to try out new ideas and more challenging songs. We are all open to feedback and continuous improvement – you could say that the band has a growth mindset!

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