Why SMART goals aren’t so smart

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Did you know, 80% of our performance and decision-making is governed by emotion? Astonishing isn’t it?

If you are in any doubt about this, just look at advertising campaigns such as “Joy is BMW” or “Nike – Find your Greatness”.

Research by the UK Institute of Practitioners in Advertising finds that ‘Rational’ campaigns are 16% effective, whereas ‘Emotional’ campaigns are 31% effective.

Why is this so?

The answer lies in our evolutionary heritage. Our emotional brain is 500 million years old and is responsible for our flight fight freeze response. Our logical brain is only 2 million years old and is five times slower to respond than our emotional brain.

The emotional brain, being responsible for our survival, is 5 times stronger than the rational brain. This is why it is so hard to over-ride emotions with logical thinking. In short, the emotional brain is the boss!

Bearing this in mind, it never ceases to astonish me that SMART goals are still paraded around the workplace with such vigour. Think about it, what does SMART stand for?

Specific – Measurable – Achievable – Realistic – Time-based

Very logical, yes, but where is the emotion? Is it any wonder that for most organisations goal-setting is so poorly done, and goal achievement is rather hit-and-miss?

We have developed a more effective model for goal-setting, based on neuroscience research into how the brain actually works. We call these WISE™ goals.

Find out why WISE™ goals work and how to set them for yourself in Goal-setting that works!

The important thing is that our goals inspire us rather than being something we think we should do.

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