The bounce-back effect of inspirational goals

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Bounce Back

How to bounce back after a hard day

Today started with some negative feedback from a client. In actual fact it wasn’t particularly negative, it just wasn’t glowing praise. Such is the human mind that we exaggerate and catastrophise events.

After that, my day went from bad to worse. Anything that happened, I interpreted in a negative light. I also forgot to look after myself physically- I skipped lunch. And in the evening I was short and snappy with my wife.

All of us experience days like this, and as much as we would prefer not to, we will always continue to have them.

The question is not, how do we stop bad things happening, but when they do happen how do we bounce back quickly.

That evening, I started thinking about a particular project I had been working on. I had a new idea, and then another one, and suddenly a whole stream of ideas started coming – I opened my laptop and began madly writing these down. Before I knew it I was excited, inspired and my bad feelings were a distant memory.

Our brains create a focus – left to their own devices, they will focus on the negative, as this is our evolutionary survival mechanism (so that we are continually alert to threats).

Having a big inspirational goal will help us refocus the brain on something positive. Goals provide a compass, giving direction and meaning to the chaos of life. They help us become resilient and tackle obstacles we meet along the way – such is the power of effect goal-setting.

The important thing is that our goals inspire us rather than being something we think we should do.

There are also pitfalls to goal-setting, for example, being too attached to an outcome will mean that when we meet an obstacle, we risk being totally de-railed.

Flexibility in our thinking is critical here. We need to enjoy the journey, not just the destination. A road block just means we need to find an alternative route.

Being positive will strengthen your resilience to setbacks and enable you to achieve where others struggle. With the right coaching, it is entirely possible to switch your mindset – even if you’re currently buried deep-within negativity.

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