Self-Esteem – The Fuel for Performance

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Why does Esteem and Performance matter?

Studies consistently show that there is a co-relation between high self-esteem and performance. If you are interested in performance, your own, your children’s, your colleagues, you have got to be interested in their self-esteem. High self-esteem is the fuel that drives performance. Managers that provide low grade fuel (little or no recognition, feedback or engagement) will get poor levels of performance from their people. People deserve to be well led.

People with high self-esteem are likely to be more productive, happier, energised, engaged, healthier, live longer and are usually better company.

We know a lot of people go to bed hungry at night, I wonder how many go to bed hungry for better feelings about themselves. I suspect that figure is much higher and it is something we can impact on. – by having positive, affirming experiences at work and from their work colleagues.

A recent Mori poll indicates that two out of every three employees feel undervalued at work. This will have a ‘knock on’ effect on morale and levels of performance.

Love might be the greatest gift you give your children. Helping others to believe in themselves, might be the greatest gift you can give your colleagues.

Esteem and Leadership

A key part of leadership is about helping people to feel they are special. When we feel special we will act special and when we act special, the business benefits, the family benefits and society benefits. Hiding your talents does not help anyone.

Leaders create the high esteem environment which of course is the high performing environment. The team that is likely to be successful consists of people who believe in themselves and in each other, who recognise the strengths and gifts that each brings to the team. In this way creating a ‘can-do’ mind-set and a team that excels.

A lot of people go through life getting people to feel good about them. Great people go through life getting people to feel good about themselves. Leadership in this sense is too important to be left in the hands of people in authority. We all have to take the lead in growing each other’s self-esteem, in developing that self-belief and in getting the best from each other.

Esteem and Colleagues

Have you ever had that experience of someone believing in you before you believed in yourself? And because of what they saw in you, you slowly came to believe that about yourself. Leaders not only recognise the gifts, the talents and the strengths of their people, they engage with these gifts and talents and make them available to the team. People need to be affirmed in their strengths, successes and achievement or we will not get the best from them.

It has been found that 96% of 4 year olds have high esteem, yet only 5% of 18 year olds have high esteem. What has happened? Schooling and parenting – where children are being assessed, compared, criticised and constantly reminded of their failures, shortcomings and inadequacies.

Do you receive more critical than positive comments at work?
Do you give more critical than positive comments at work?
What do you need so the team gets the best from you?


Esteem and Making a Difference

If I like myself I am likely to have high self-esteem. The most significant decision any one of us has to make is “Do I like myself – do I like being me?” Not that we sit down one day and say to ourselves “Today I am going to make the most significant decision in my life” – it is constantly being made and revised by my interactions with other people.

What difference would it make to the quality of people’s lives if every time we interacted with someone, we noticed written across their forehead “Help me feel special” and we did!

Believe in your colleagues and help them believe in themselves

To love yourself is the beginning of a life long journey
Oscar Wilde

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One Comment

  1. This discussion raises an important and overlooked truth. Self esteem is the fuel that gets your goals and ambitions off the ground. Early messages about your performance and behaviour can go a long way in determining how you think about yourself. If you think you are good you will be good and vice versa.

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