Are you overlooking employee engagement issues?

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Banish employee engagement issues and boost performance

Stress, conflict, employee turnover, sickness, poor performance, low productivity and disputes. What every manager dreads. Too often these pain points are so engrained in a working environment that they are seen as problems that need to be managed when, in fact, for a workforce to thrive – they need to be completely eliminated.

Blame Culture

The ‘blame’ culture

Whichever way you look at it, low morale stems from fear and/or resentment in their various forms. Employees feel overworked, overlooked, underpaid, poorly rewarded and underappreciated. They may also feel unable to perform without the fear of blame, reprisal or micromanagement.

But that’s not how I run my ship – I’m a great manager!

Sadly, many companies believe they are doing just fine; utilising all the necessary processes and ticking all the right boxes – only to be surprised they are no nearer to engaging their employees. But here is the truth: management most definitely does not equal engagement!

Invest in your leaders and sit back to watch the show

A productive workforce is a result of trust and happiness and employers who recognise this and are prepared to invest in their ‘leaders’ will reap the results. In contrast, those who turn away from a lack of engagement can soon expect the cracks to become apparent to clients and customers.

For most people, leadership is a skill that must be learned and developed and great leaders are committed to their cause. The most successful employers are those who recognise they have the power to continually develop their people.

Next week we will highlight the signs and symptoms of low morale and the importance of actively measuring employee engagement.

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